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Tarantula Cage
Medium Coffin Crib -Orange

Medium Coffin Crib -Orange


Introducing the ultimate home for your creepy crawly friend - the Coffin-Shaped Acrylic Tarantula Enclosure!  Now in Limited Edition Orange!


Crafted from high-quality, crystal clear acrylic, this enclosure offers maximum visibility of your beloved tarantula while providing a secure and safe environment. The coffin shape adds an edgy and unique touch to your collection, making it a statement piece in any room.


The secure lid ensures that your tarantula will stay safe and secure while allowing you to easily access and interact with your pet.


Comes with humidity resistant lid 


Dimensions: Length: 10" Width: 5" Height 5"

Ventilation: 2 mm 

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  • Customer Responsibility

    As the owner of a spider enclosure, it is your responsibility to take appropriate measures to prevent escapes. This includes ensuring the terrarium is securely closed, inspecting the enclosure regularly for any damage, warping, or potential openings, and maintaining proper security measures to prevent unauthorized access.

    It is the customer's responsibility to research and understand the specific species they are purchasing and to take necessary precautions to ensure personal safety and the safety of others.

    In the event of a spider escape from your terrarium, our company cannot be held responsible for any resulting damages, injuries, or consequences. This includes any harm caused to individuals, pets, or property due to the escape of a venomous spider.

  • Humidity Resistant Lid

    The upside of acrylic is its great clarity and strength. The downside, however, is that it absorbs moisture. Different types of acrylic absorb moisture at different rates, but at the end of the day, all acrylic has the ability to absorb moisture. Moisture enters the acrylic and causes expansion. This results in warping. We have sourced new materials to avoid this. This lid is not acrylic and therefore will not warp. 

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