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Tarantula Cage
Arachnidirt Arachnid Substrate

Arachnidirt Arachnid Substrate

Premium Tarantula and Invert Substrate


Our substrate is carefully crafted using a blend of high-quality natural ingredients, including soil, sand, peat moss, sphagnum moss, vermiculite, and rock, to create the perfect environment for your arachnid pets.

The soil and sand in our substrate provide a sturdy foundation for your arachnids to burrow and create their webs, mimicking their natural habitat. The peat moss and sphagnum moss offer excellent water retention properties, helping to maintain the optimum humidity levels for your arachnids' health and well-being. The vermiculite acts as a natural source of insulation, regulating the substrate's temperature and creating a comfortable environment for your pets. The addition of rock not only adds aesthetic appeal but also provides hiding spots for your spiderlings to feel secure and safe.


This substrate not only provides the perfect functional environment for your arachnids but also adds an eye-catching element to your enclosure, enhancing its overall appearance.


  • Roughly 0.75Gallon bag (3 quarts)
  • Perfect amount of substrate for your spiderlings and Juveniles.
  • One bag contains enough substrate for sling enclosures and medium size enclosures.
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