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Tarantula Cage
Pre Order- Medium Cuboid (9"x 7"x 6")

Pre Order- Medium Cuboid (9"x 7"x 6")


Introducing a new dimension in tarantula-keeping - the Medium Cuboid enclosure. In the realm of sleek, modern, and space-saving designs, this marvel stands out as the medium-sized gem in our Cuboid line.

🌟 Key Features:

Ideal Dimensions: Measuring a versatile 9" x 7" x 6", this enclosure strikes the perfect balance for tarantulas of various sizes or for those who appreciate an elegant, minimalist look. Vent holes are 2mm.

Chic & Contemporary: The Medium Cuboid showcases the signature flat edges and modern design aesthetic that is the hallmark of our Cuboid line.

Crystal Clarity: Crafted from top-tier acrylic, this enclosure ensures a distortion-free view, allowing you to observe your treasured tarantulas up close.

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