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Tarantula Cage
9" Understory Flat Top - Mesh Lid

9" Understory Flat Top - Mesh Lid


The ultimate habitat for your beloved praying mantids!


Crafted with high-quality acrylic, this enclosure offers crystal-clear visibility, allowing you to observe your fascinating mantids in all their glory. The sleek and contemporary design of the enclosure is sure to be an eye-catching addition.


Featuring a convenient mesh top, our enclosure ensures optimal airflow, creating a well-ventilated environment for your mantids to thrive. The lid also allows for easy access during feeding and maintenance, while keeping your mantids safely contained.


The mesh top also provides a textured surface that helps your mantids to grip and maneuver, facilitating their molting process. It mimics the natural environment where mantids would often molt on rough surfaces in the wild, allowing for a more natural and stress-free molting experience.

Furthermore, the mesh top also encourages natural behaviors such as climbing and hanging, providing a stimulating environment for your mantids to exhibit their natural instincts. This promotes their physical and mental well-being, ensuring they thrive in their enclosure.


With ample space for your mantids to move and explore, our enclosure provides a comfortable and spacious habitat for their natural behaviors. The smooth surfaces of the acrylic make it easy to clean and maintain, ensuring a hygienic living space for your pets.


  • Dimensions: 6"x6"x9" 
  • Ventilation: 2mm
  • This product contains both the 6 inch cube and Mesh Lid top

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