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What kind of enclosure do I need?

A fossorial species is one that is adapted to digging and which lives primarily (but not solely) underground. Designed for tarantulas or spiders that like to burrow under the surface, these enclosures will have enough  room for a deep layer of substrate.


Ventilation is near the top of the enclosure to allow for deep substrate.


Terrestrial species live predominantly or entirely on land. Designed for critters that prefer to stay on the ground level. They build shallow burrows, but most of the time they prefer to stay on the surface. These enclosures allow for a moderate layer of substrate .


Ventilation will be near the top of the enclosure and on multiple sides of the enclosure to allow proper air flow


Designed with the tree loving critter in mind, these enclosures will provide more height than length. Many of these enclosures will have a fixed top so that any webbing or nests are not disturbed during feeding or maintenance.


These creatures live in the trees and need adequate ventilation. With that in mind, these enclosures have multilevel cross ventilation.

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Kay W, CA

"By far the very best enclosures that I have ever used! Great quality product and amazing company overall."

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