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Tarantula Cage
VIP- Large Treehouse- White Background

VIP- Large Treehouse- White Background

"The Treehouse " Arboreal tarantula enclosure is finally available!

This enclosure is meant to house arboreal tarantulas and semi arboreal tarantulas.  Constructed with clear acrylic, each enclosure has a sliding lid that is secured with three magnets.  4mm ventilation holes located at the top and bottom of the enclosure provide adequate cross ventilation. 


*Ventilation holes are 0.16 inches/ 4mm. It is likely very small slings can escape from these holes.

* Keep away from small children as the enclosure does have sharp edges 

* Enclosure does hold water, but is not meant to be an aquarium 

* Avoid excess heat or application of external heat sources as this will warp the acrylic. 

* Each enclsoure is hand assembeled, therefore minor variations may occur 

* Enclosure should not be the sole means to prevent envenomation, as always use caution with your inverts! 

Cleaning: Use a soap, lukewarm water and a microfiber cloth to clean. 



Shipping Damage:. We will take precuations to avoid damage, however, it is innevitable that damage will eventualy occur during shipping. Should this happen to you, take a picture, send it to and we will send you a replacement. 


White Background allows for light sensitive tarantulas to feel more protected. You are also able to add your own stickers to the background for decoration. 

Returns:  If you are unhappy with your enclosure, we will accept returns within 7 days of arrival. 

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