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Tarantula Cage
Open Box Items

Open Box Items

These are enclosures with mild shipping damage, returned items, older models,  or enclosures with errors. Damage most commonly consists of (but not limited to) small and sometimes unnoticeable cracks or scratches. Larger cracks may be present at times. Damage usually occurs in the corners. These enclosures did not pass our quality check and are thus significantly discounted.


Each enclosure will be inspected prior to shipping to make sure of the following conditions can be met: 1) The sliding mechanism is intact 2) No magnets are missing 3) Fully functional.


Sold as is. Return policy: non refundable in the exception of excessive shipping damage. If this occurs, please send picture to us immediatley along with your order number. 


* Small cracks may lead to increased risk of warping over time, specficially at the seams which may cause enclosure to separate over time. These enclosures are not covered by our warrenty. 


Items may be an assortment of either clear bottom or white back/bottom.  


Above photos are just examples of enclosures and do not represent actual enclosures sold. 

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