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Tarantula Cage
Canopy -Sliding Lid

Canopy -Sliding Lid

The canopy series of enclosures is designed with arboreal invertabrates in mind. Its inspiration comes from the Canopy of the rainforest. Like its namesake, the canopy of the rainforest is a haven for tree loving spiders and insects. This enclosure too will be a haven for your little one. The Canopy allows for your favorite critter to inhabit the top of the enclosure without being disturbed when accessing the enclosure. The angulated roof allows for webbing and perfect hiding spots. Circumferential cross ventilation allows for ideal airflow that is required for many arboreal species. 


Dimensions: 6"x6"x9"

Ventilation: circumfrential cross ventilation; 1mm. 

Front Opening door: Warp and scratch resistant. Double magnets ensures spiders cant escape from lid channel. 


This enclosure is front opening only. Does NOT open from the top. 

Backgrounds not compatible


Ideal Species: Jumping spiders. 


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