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Tarantula Cage
VIP Tarantula Cube Switch-XL12

VIP Tarantula Cube Switch-XL12

The Tarantula Cribs Tarantula Cube Switch-XL12 is for those who want it all. 


This acrylic enclosure features a top opening lid and a front opening sliding door.  A Tarantula Cribs exclusive removable background comes with every enclosure.  The removable background allows your tarantula to feel comfortable while hiding in daarkness, yet allows the hobbyist to view the tarantula at will. Dual opening lids allow top and front access for easier rehousings and feedings.  Ventilation is optimized with ventilation holes on all four sides near top of the enclosure. Additionally, each enclosure will come with a max vent and edge vent lid for maximal customization. This enclosure will come with additional magnetic locks to secure the top lid. Patent Pending: 63/427691


Magentic Locks: We highly suggest using the magnetic locks with large arboreal tarantulas. Please see video on how to use. (see video above)


Disclaimer: Many large arboreal tarantulas posess extraordinary strength. Additonally many old world tarantulas such as pocelitheria have medically significat venom. Please inspect the  enclosure thoroughly  prior to using and use magnetic locks as a saftey measure. Keep magnetic locks away from children as there is risk of death or serious injury when ingested. There is also a pinch hazard when using these strong magnets. 


Dimensions: 12"x12"x12"

Ventiation: 4mm. 

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