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Tarantula Cage
Medium Slider Crib- White Bottom

Medium Slider Crib- White Bottom



"Slider Cribs" are designed to house tarantulas, true spiders, scorpions, scorplings, spiderlings, millipedes, roaches and other invertebrates. Constructed with clear 1/8" acrylic, each enclosure is stackable and  has a sliding lid that is secured with four magnets.  4mm ventilation holes provide adequate cross ventilation. 


Lid: warp resistant 


 8"x 6"x 6 (Best for juveniles and dwarf tarantulas) 


Opaque bottom provides a dark hiding space for burrowing tarantulas  


*Ventilation holes are 0.16 inches/ 4mm. It is likely very small slings can escape from these holes. Please see our Tarantula Cubes for sling enclosures. 

* Keep away from small children as the enclosure does have sharp edges 

* Enclosure does hold water, but is not meant to be an aquarium 

* Avoid excess heat or application of external heat sources and excessive moisture to avoid the possibility of warping. 

* Each enclsoure is hand assembled, therefore minor variations may occur. 

* Enclosure should not be the sole means to prevent a bite, as always use caution with your inverts! 


Cleaning: Use a soap, lukewarm water and a microfiber cloth to clean.








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