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Tarantula Cage
Canopy- Understory

Canopy- Understory

Designed for those who demand a little more style from  their display enclosures. 


The Canopy- Understory was designed primarily for the smallest of spiderlings with an arboreal tendancy, such as jumping spiders and other arboreal tarantula spiderlings (avicularia, poecilotheria etc)


The protected upper portion of the enclosure,  allows for spiders to safely construct webbing or nesting areas without being distrubed when the enclosure is opened. 

  • Ventilation

    • Cross Ventilation is present
    • 1mm Ventilatin holes. 
  • Returns

    As with all our products, please inspect upon arrival. If any defects or damages, or you simply dont like it,  we wil either return or refund your enclosure within 7 days.

  • Dimensions

    3" length  x 3" width x 6" tall


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